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Fishing For History May June 2018

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Fishing for History is always looking for Authors, Historians & Story Tellers. FFH is comprised of authors ranging from Doctors, to Lawyers, to Construction Workers and Mailmen. While fishing at its core is a single participant sport,  its history and lore is for all to share in. We would love to add you to our growing list of guest authors. Submit your article through the button to the right.

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Fishing for History Magazine a Fin & Flame Company

Fishing for History the Magazine is published by Fin & Flame LLC, publishers of Angling Echoes. Fishing for History the magazine publishes 6 journals per year from Ardmore, OK. Fishing for History the Magazine is dedicated to being fishing’s leading Chronicle for fish.

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Angling Echoes is a unique departure in fishing magazines based on a very old idea. There is an ancient Hebrew saying that declares that some people die twice; once when the spirit leaves the body, and then again when their name is said out loud for the last time. This is as true for writings as it is for people. There are millions of words of angling literature that have been allowed to recede from memory and die unnecessary deaths. Angling Echoes collects these classic and forgotten writings on fishing from authors ranging from the greatest in their field to anonymous scribes whose names are lost to history. Each issue will contain a long feature article of be­tween 5000-10,000 words, followed by a selection of writings spanning the period from the eighteenth century to the modern era.

    These writings have been carefully curated both for the content and for their readability and interest. Everything from profiles of famous anglers and tackle makers to classic informative articles to writings that show a passion for the sport of angling will be included. Every fourth issue will be a “themed” issue based on a single author, publisher, or subject matter. So sit back every month and revisit the best and most interesting angling articles of yesteryear. When you read them, take pride that you are helping to rescue the echoes from anglers long gone but thankfully not forgotten.

Angling Echoes